“The heartbeat of your home.” This is what Ridgeway says about the clocks they produce, and this is especially true for a Ridgeway grandfather clock that breathes and pulses every second of the day.

Standing tall and majestic, such clocks can indeed be compared to the heartbeat of a home. Their steady ticking, their low chimes and their imposing presence are factors that bring these clocks to life – regardless of where they are. And Ridgeway, a name associated with quality and excellence, means you are getting some of the best longcase clocks out there.

A name equal to the grandfather of clocks

Ridgeway was originally called the Gravely Furniture Company, established as far back as 1926. This then makes Ridgeway the single oldest brand of longcase clocks still manufacturing their pieces.

How could such a clock company stand the test of time? The secret lies in the quality and prestige associated with Ridgeway. With self-imposed standards of excellence and perfection, Ridgeway is a company that focuses on creating clocks that can withstand the very thing they all aim to measure – time.

After all, Ridgeway is in the business of crafting heirlooms. Such qualities of excellence and perfection are essential for a longcase clock if it is going to be passed down from generation to generation as a prized heirloom.

Modern and traditional rolled into one

Ridgeway also takes great pride in providing a choice for consumers. Those with a love for tradition, with all the pride and dignity that comes with it, will be pleased to know that Ridgeway still offers their original selections. Few changes have been introduced to these traditional models, with most of them centering on improving the longevity of the clocks rather than their unique look, feel and sound.

Ridgeway also realizes that some people prefer a grandfather clock with a more modern twist to its shape and figure. Bold and challenging statements are made with the modern variants, but these changes are made without diverging too much from the regality of a longcase clock. The original beauty is still there, but a few changes to the core design ensures that there will always be something new and refreshing for the enthusiast of grandfather clocks.

An heirloom, an investment

If there is one thing that people want when it comes to longcase clocks, it is for these priceless pieces to hold great value – both monetary and otherwise.

Grandfather clocks are designed specifically to withstand the ravages of time. This is why so much love and care is lavished during their creation and this same love and care is what makes them so valuable. Families can treasure their beloved clocks, which only gain value as time passes and their worth as antiques slowly begins to climb. This is exactly why antique grandfather clocks cost thousands of dollars on the open market.

So remember the name Ridgeway when choosing a grandfather clock. When you do so, you will remember a clock company with the history and reputation that has managed to withstand the test of time.